Pauli Undesser brings a vast knowledge of water treatment technologies, 标准, 法规和条例, 以及高水平的项目管理技能, 她在WQA的角色.

Prior to accepting the role of WQA 执行董事, she served as WQA's Director of Regulatory and Technical Affairs and 水问uality 研究基金会 执行董事. 在泡利的领导下, WQA successfully coordinated a coalition to re-write and simplify industry 产品认证 laws in California, launched an unprecedented capital campaign for its foundation and 开发了一个内部毒理学程序.

Pauli holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a master’s degree in Biochemistry from Northern Illinois University, and is also a Certified Association Executive (CAE).

副执行董事会员 & 公众参与

Tom Bruursema has a rich background in the water 处理行业 and in marketing and business operations.

以前, 他在NSF国际工作了30年, where for a time he was General Manager of Drinking Water Treatment Units and Environmental and Research 服务. He holds a Master of Science degree in Biology from Eastern Michigan University.

Bruursema will contribute to the overall administration, leadership and cross-functional strategy execution for WQA’s membership, 会议服务, marketing and communications and government affairs departments.


乔纳森•亚当斯 has been leading WQA's IT department since 2015. In his role as 资讯科技署署长, he oversees the streamlined operation of the IT department and ensures alignment with the business objectives of the Association. Jonathan has over 10 years of experience and expertise in several areas of technology, 包括系统管理, 网络, 安全, web开发, 和解决方案交付. 加入WQA之前, Jonathan served as the Associate Director of IT for VML. Jonathan holds a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems from Eastern Illinois University and a MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

会员、营销 & 对外联络部主任

韦斯利流血 brings extensive media and public relations experience to WQA's 会员、营销 & 通信部门. As News Director and broadcast journalist for award-winning WGN Radio, 对外联络部主任 for a statewide campaign for governor and Vice President of a Chicago area public relations/public affairs firm, 韦斯很了解媒体关系, 危机沟通, 内容营销, 视频制作, 网站和社交媒体发展. 

He has expanded his role with 会员 because of his demonstrated strategic and creative abilities in delivering member value, 福利和销售计划, and his high level of existing engagement with WQA’s members, prospective member industries and key industry stakeholders. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communication from Wheaton College.


凯利她 comes to WQA with a strong background within the 饮用水 industry in 项目管理, 业务发展和国际经验.

She most recently served as Business Development Manager for Ahstrom-Munksjo in Mount Holly Springs, Pa., where she was responsible for commercial development and new market penetration. 她在国际科学基金会工作了几年, serving in a variety of positions including General Manager of Global Water Systems and the Drinking Water Treatment Unit.


扎克•格里森 comes to WQA from the manufacturing and technology development sector where he oversaw contract and grant-based efforts as well as field testing, 内部质量保证, development experimentation and third-party verification/certification.

他有超过15年的水上经验, sanitation and hygiene and 10 years of laboratory oversight experience along with hands-on knowledge of more than 85 different water treatment technologies and counting. After working with government agencies and regulatory bodies from around the world, 非政府组织和非营利组织, as well as the manufacturing and for-profit sector he has gained a diverse and unique perspective on the challenges associated with providing clean water to people from all walks of life.

Zac holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Washington (Seattle). 


凯尔·琼斯 is responsible for assuring WQA and WQRF’s accounting policies, procedures and practices are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and result in accurate and timely financial reports, as well as adhering to the investment and fiscal policies set by the WQA and WQRF Boards and Finance Committees.

Kyle came to WQA and WQRF with experience in managing nonprofit 金融, 审计, 战略规划, 运作及系统实施. He holds a bachelor’s degree and PBCA from 印度na University and has a solid understanding of GAAP, 金融, IT, 运营和非营利组织. 

专业认证 & 培训主管

Dr. Tanya Lubner has served as WQA's director of 专业认证 & 自2005年以来的训练. 在这个角色, 她监督新项目区域的开发, creation of educational materials and examinations. 

加入WQA之前, Tanya was a sales engineer for a manufacturer of optical spectroscopy instrumentation. 

She holds a doctorate in inorganic chemistry from the University of Wyoming.


迈克Sennett comes to the bwinapp官方下载ios as 总法律顾问 following many years as an antitrust and competition law partner with the global law firm Jones Day.  迈克对这个协会很熟悉, 其运营和行业领先地位, its Gold Seal Certification Program and laboratory services, 及其成员, 他们的需求,产品和服务, having served as outside legal counsel to WQA for more than 25 years.  He also is an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, serves on the board of the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies and is a longstanding trustee of Children’s 首页 & 援助, an Illinois social services agency assisting families and children in Illinois where the need is greatest.

Mike拿了A.B. with honors in philosophy and English from Quincy University and a J.D, 以优异成绩毕业于芝加哥洛约拉大学, in addition to graduate work in jurisprudence and economics at Northwestern University
安吉Silberhorn, CMP

Angie Silberhorn is WQA's 董事会议服务, responsible for developing the strategic and operational plan to manage the Association’s conventions and key meetings along with other key customer and member events. She came to WQA after eight years with the Warehousing 教育 and Research Council, most recently as its Director of 事件 and Strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Roosevelt University and is a Certified Meeting Professional.

The Greater Midwest Chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association honored Angie with the 2020 Robert J. 多诺万奖, presented to an outstanding meeting professional who leads by example, inspires volunteerism and is committed to the growth of the industry.

Eric Yeggy

Eric Yeggy plans and coordinates the activities of the Technical Affairs department as well as the WQA Water Sciences Committee, which is charged with tackling the technical challenges facing the 饮用水 处理行业. 另外, Eric serves as the Scientific Consultant for the 水问uality 研究基金会 (WQRF) and plays a key role in review and prioritization of research proposals. Eric has been part of the WQA team since 2009 and has since led the development of new industry 标准 for Sustainability of Water Treatment Products, and industry performance 标准 for Electrochemical Water Treatment Systems.

Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Northern Iowa and began his career in the environmental testing industry. 作为测试行业的分析化学家, 他为WQA带来了丰富的知识, 包括气相色谱法, 质谱法, inductively coupled plasma analysis and numerous other techniques used to test waste water, 土壤, 饮用水, 消费品和工业材料.

山姆De Laender

山姆De Laender is an experienced professional certification audit manager. 作为总部设在欧洲的独立承包商, he serves as the WQA representative for international operations. Sam is responsible in further developing and implementing WQA's international operations in the areas of international membership, 产品认证, 国际活动和贸易展览.

Sam holds a master's degree in Engineering from the University of Leuven, 比利时. 加入WQA之前, he served as an auditor for 产品认证 at NSF International in Brussels, 比利时, 担任欧洲审计经理, 中东和非洲.


HS (HeungSoon) Choi serves as an independent contractor for WQA's operations in South Korea, 台湾和日本. Working as an independent contractor based out of Seoul, HS also performs factory inspections on behalf of WQA's Gold Seal 产品认证 Program and works to increase awareness of WQA 会员, 产品认证 and 专业认证.

在代表WQA之前, HS worked as a business development manager for Underwriters Laboratories (UL Korea) in South Korea. HS holds a bachelor's degree from HanYang University College of Engineering in Seoul..


Vaneet古普塔 represents WQA as country manager for 印度. Vaneet is responsible for representing WQA in 印度 by developing business, conducting 审计 and acting as our client and member contact for the 印度 market.  

Vaneet has an extensive water and water 处理行业 background. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dr. Harisingh Sagar大学, MP, 印度, as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the Centre for Management Development, Modinagar, UP, 印度.


茱莉亚朱, based in Shanghai, serves as the Operations Manager representing WQA in China. Julia is responsible for the overall operations of WQA in China, 包括业务发展, increasing WQA brand awareness and developing public and government relationships.  

Julia has water-related 产品认证 with rich experience in operations, 项目管理, 客户服务和业务发展.  在加入WQA之前, she was in charge of multiple business lines for NSF, 包括中国的水项目.  Julia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology from East China Normal University and is studying for her MBA at Fudan University.